Who we are | Our Philosophy

Under the distinctive brand name “Midas’ Gardens™”, our company produces high-quality products, under traditional yet modern recipes using ingredients from Greece and the Mediterranean area.

In the Imathia region, beloved by the Olympian gods, and situated beneath the snow-covered Vermio Mountain, a lush green land stretches at the mountain’s feet, which was known to the ancient Greeks as “the Midas’ Gardens” The golden King of Phrygia reached out and touched this land and blessed it.

This area is still the focus of the production of extremely high-quality agricultural products today, even after so many millennia.

What we do

Our product range includes Salad Dressings with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our headquarters are located in the rich plain of Imathia, under the imposing Vermio Mountain where, according to Herodotus, the famous Midas Gardens were located

Our Philosophy

The desire to produce high-quality food, the use of the best raw materials, careful, local small-scale crops, and the ability to produce innovative products is the philosophy of our company. 

Combining not only the tradition of this special location, with creative experimentation and the need for innovation, we have also created exquisite products called “Midas’ Gardens™”

Why Our Salad Dressing?

Eating well is sharing seasonal, local, organic food that nourishes our bodies. We believe that producing food organically, following the year’s natural rhythms, is not only best for the future of our planet but is also better for our well-being too…

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