Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil Krokos Kozanis PDO Salad Dressing



The Kozani Crocus (exported all over the world under the name “Krokos Kozanis”) grows from a small rounded bulb which is planted in late summer or early fall and produces small purple flowers, with three red-gold stigma strands in each flower. Saffron spice is made from these dried strands. The product owes its beneficiary properties to the particular soil and climatic conditions of this area (well-tended fields, loads of light, drained soil of medium fertility with a warm temperate climate) as well as to the cultivation techniques and traditional practices followed by the area’s crocus growers. Did you know that? Use Krokos Kozanis as a spice for culinary purposes and you’ll adore its distinctive aroma, unique taste and beautiful golden colour. Nowadays, it is used in distilleries, dairy products and in numerous other applications. Its colouring power, verified by laboratory reports, is by 45 points higher than the minimum international colouring standard for all types of saffron.
The word “crocus”
The world has its origin in Greek mythology. Krokos was a dear friend of the god Mercury (Hermes) in Ancient Greece. One day, while the two friends were throwing the disc to each other like a Frisby, Mercury hit Krókos on the head and wounded him fatally. As the young man collapsed and while dying three drops of his blood fell on the centre of a flower thus becoming the three stigmata of the flower named after him. Etymologically, the word crocus derives from the Greek word “króki” = “κρόκη”, which means weft, the thread used for weaving on a loom. The “red gold” of Greece, Krokos Kozani (Greek Safran), is married with extra virgin olive oil and creates a salad dressing ideal for salads, meats & seafood. A minimal amount takes off the final product.

Additional information

Krokos Kozanis EVOO Dressing


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Krokos Kozanis PDO (Safran)
  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Xantham Gum
  • GLASS 

Bottle 100, 200 ml


Bottle 250, 350, 500 ml


Envelope 10, 15 ml

Plastic Bottle 12, 20, 25, 30 ml

Glass Jar 28, 40 ml


Bulk plastic container 1 ltr

1 Year


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