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By choosing the award-winning Midas Gardens™ products, you ensure certified quality raw materials in your kitchen by long-range professionals.

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Pure Flavors

We use only the best raw materials from small-scale, certified producers. The olive oil we put in our dressings is high quality and tested by certified laboratories. The sugar we use is the minimum possible (50%) so that the characteristics of the final product remain unchanged.

No Preservatives

We do not use chemical preservatives, dyes, and additives. Sugar is the natural preservative in our Jelly. Therefore, after opening the package, it should be placed in the refrigerator


We use packaging with biodegradable packaging or boxes for pre-use.

Why Choose Midas' Gardens™ Products

Using our products in your recipes, you will give your final product with the minimum amount of their use, taste, and intensity.
The recipes on the product label, as well as the service to the gastronomy professionals…

Food Service Solutions

From starters to desserts, our broad product portfolio delivers an ideal solution for every challenge and cooking process.