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What Makes us Different?

Although we generate specific product codes with our own label, we provide the ability to produce products with a private label. This label will be in the language of the client’s state and will be available exclusively for marketing.

The know-how in the production of extra marmalades enables us to produce a product with the least amount of sugar and without the addition of chemicals or other preservatives, as well as other additives.

In addition, we produce a product exclusively for you, based on your own specifications in order to use them either as raw materials or as a flavor enhancer in your existing products.

We have the experience, knowledge, and know-how to offer you what you have dreamed of.

Bakeries, Confectioneries, and Restaurants turn to us in order to prepare the product they need to meet their need.

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What we offer you

At Midas’ Gardens we work with flexibility and innovation

Private Label & Custom Packaging

At Midas’ Gardens we work with flexibility and innovation