What is the Superior Taste Award?


Life is too short not to eat and drink well. At least, that’s what we believe at the Taste Institute. That is why we created the Superior Taste Award.

The Superior Taste Award is a certification granted by the International Taste Institute to food and drink products that went through a positive taste evaluation by a panel of world-class chefs and sommeliers.

Since 2005, we have evaluated thousands of products from over 100 countries. Thanks to our jury of top-notch gastronomy experts, the Superior Taste Award is widely recognized in the Food & Bev industry. It is probably the most prestigious taste certification worldwide.

What does the award say about the product?

“Taste” is a multi-sensory human experience that is extremely powerful and complex. It combines input from an array of sensory criteria, including visual, aromatic, flavour, and textural aspects, as well as final mouth feel.

A product that is granted the Superior Taste Award is a product that has gone through a sensory evaluation of each of the above 5 criteria by professional taste-experts and achieved an average score above 70%.

This means that the product is well made, balanced, and delicious. Every year thousands of products are evaluated, but only the best are certified

How are the products evaluated?

Evaluations are performed blind and in complete silence. Jury members never see the packaging and know neither the brand name nor the producers’ names.

The chefs and sommeliers never make judgments based on their gut feelings; they follow an objective methodology based on the 5 International Hedonic Sensory Analysis criteria.

First impression




Final sensation